A short foreword to our website

Dear customers, dear friends,

it is our pleasure to welcome you at our new website of the Japanase tea room Koke Iwa, the Moss Rock tea room in Prague. Hereby we would like to present to you our offer of high quality Japanese green teas, cultural events held in our tea room, activities of our tea club and especially the Japanese tea ceremony itself. Beside the authentic experience of the Japanese tea ceremony, the unforgettable taste of delicious whipped tea and of course famous hospitality of the Land of the Rusing Sun right in our tea room, here on our website you can learn more about its history, traditions and other interesting facts on the world of tea and the intriguing art of Chanoyu. Finally, you will find here as well all useful information on our tea room you may need.

We hope you will find our new website helpful and pleasing! See you soon at a boiling kettle of water and a delicious bowl of tea.