About the Koke Iwa Tea room

Do you wish to escape out of our time and space? Do you wish to find yourself, all of a sudden, next to a boiling kettle of water somewhere in the middle of misty mountains of medieval Japan? Would you like to experience the famous hospitality of the Land of the Rising Sun and to enjoy the taste of the delicious Japanese whipped tea – matcha, prepared in a traditional way which hasn't been changed in centuries? The Moss Rock Tea Room, Koke Iwa Chashitsu offers a unique experience of Japanese green teas and especially a rare possibility to take part in the Japanese tea ceremony itself in the very heart of Europe.

The Koke Iwa tea house, situated in the Prague capital, was founded in 2012 and since then met with hundreds of most satisfied customers. We offer a wide range of exquisite Japanese leaf green teas, exclusively from the central provinces, and an unusual possibility to experience the famed Japanese tea ceremony during which the delicious whipped tea is prepared on the tea room's hearth right in front of our guests. The authentic Japanese tea room and a highly trained service ensure a remarkable experience. The guests are mostly welcome to participate in the ceremony and our staff always dressed in kimono will gladly initiate you into the secrets of Japanese art of tea and explain to you all the nuances of the famous tea etiquette and its history.

Tue - Fri 14 - 22:00   Zubatého č. 3, Praha Smíchov - reservation: +420 724 966 744 (not requisite)


If you seek to experience the taste of the Japanese whipped tea, ground from the finest green tea leaves, then our tea room offers you just the best way how to discover step by step the delicate preparation of the most sophisticated beverage through a delicious cup of tea prepared on a traditional hearth and served by our tea practitioners according to the ancient tradition from the 16th century. Cha no yu, how the preparation of whipped matcha tea is called, is a well elaborate and sophisticated way of spending time and sharing the moment over a cup of tea between a guest and a host based on four pillars of a tea hospitality – harmony, respect, purity and tranquillity. Let yourself be lured by the taste of zen and the sound of a singing kettle over a hearth, and enjoy a cup of tea, which already hundred years ago old tea masters, samurais, monks and emperors used to drink, so you may find yourself at the very border of our existence and the endless nothingness.

Beside the whipped matcha tea, we'll gladly serve to you any of our many Japanese green leaf teas, from brisk sencha teas to mild gyokuros, always prepared as only a geisha accompanied by a song of a flute in Kyoto would do today. Our green teas come strictly from the ancient central Japanese provinces and through their unique taste and sublime fragrance you may enjoy the best care they receive all year long below the Rising sun and afterwards in the hands of our well trained staff.

You can buy as well any of our teas in a sealable packaging so you may recreate through a cup of your preferred tea back home your own little Japan right at your place.

If the company is pleasant and the moon is high, we'll gladly replenish your cup with our finest rice sake wine. Don't forget, that a cup of tea should be accompanied with some sweets, so try some of our seasonal confectionery. At our tea room, you can buy most of the tea utensils you may need for a Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese and Czech handmade pottery, silk accessories and kimonos, fans, incense and of course all our teas for favourable price in a big packages.

The Koke Iwa tearoom is situated in the Prague city centre on the left river bank in the Smíchov district between the Švandovo divadlo a Anděl tramway stop.