Our daily tea offer

The Koke Iwa tea room offers a wide range of fresh and seasonal Japanese green leaf teas, roasted teas, rice wines and above all the delicate whipped matcha tea, which we prepare right in front of our guests on the tea room's hearth and tatami floor. Most of our teas come from the ancient Uji province, the heart of Japan on the Honshú island. We assure you that through the taste and fragrance of our teas, their quality and the unique atmosphere of our tea room, you will be transported in a moment far away from the busy streets of Prague to a calm and peaceful place in a different world, in a different time.

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matcha – the whisked tea

The green whisked tea with whipped foam, called matcha, is inseparably connected with the Japanese traditionnal art of tea preparation called Cha no yu. The whipped matcha tea is made from the finest green tea leaves ground into a delicate powder whisked with hot water, which means that we drink directly the ground leaves and not only a tea infusion. The first whipped tea was prepared in China in the 9th century and cultived by the Sung dynasty. Although the whipped tea preparation was lately forgotten in China, it was conserved in Japan thanks to the spreading Zen buddhism and lately evolved into a peculiar form of minimalist art that gave rise to the Japanese esthetics of wabi sabi. Now, several hundred years later, you may enjoy a cup of whisked matcha tea prepared in the traditionnal and authentic way in the Koke Iwa tea room in the Czech Republic capital.

Japanese tea ceremony (cca 60 min)

After your arrival, if you wish to take part in a Japanese tea ceremony, during which a whisked powder tea of the highest possible quality (M1) will be served, our staff will initiate you step by step into the tea etiquette and its history, Japanese traditions and the procedure of Japanese tea ceremony. We will lend you a traditional tea fan, instruct you, comment and demonstrate ever important step you may need as a guest participating in a tea ceremony. Therefore we will show you how to properly bow, speak, drink and move in the best Japanese manners. Afterwards, the host will whisk a tea called usucha from the finest green tea leaves using the proper utensils and following the tradition that hasn't been changed since the 16th century. During a tea ceremony in our tea room, you may not only enjoy a cup of a delicious whisked tea, but learn all the basic rules of Japanese etiquette as well.

1 person (1 cup + ceremony)  260 CZK

2 persons (2 cups + ceremony)  420 CZK

japanese green leaf teas

Sencha is probably the most popular Japanese green tea and therefore represents the most of the tea produced in Japan. Although it is a basic type of steamed tea from which all other types of Japanese tea are cultivated, it has a rich spectrum of flavours and it occupies a privileged position among all green teas. Its infusion is of goldish colour and has a sweet and, at the same moment, astringent brisk taste.

Gyokuro, the Nephrite dew, is a subtype of Japanese green tea with a very distinctive character. At the begging, the tea plant is cultivated as any other tea plant meant to become sencha, but one month before the harvest the plant is covered with straw screens and continues to grow in shade. Through this process we achieve a chemical change in the tea leaves and, therefore, a change of their flavour. The infusion is deeply green and of a very mild taste.

In our tea room, all leaf teas are prepared in the original manner from the 17th century and our staff will prepare for you the first two infusions. You may choose whether the infusion will be prepared from 7g or 10g of tea leaves.




Bájný úsvit

(7g)    190,-    (10g)    220,-

Ve stínu borovice

(7g)    145,-    (10g)    170,-

Zelená luka (BIO)

(7g)    110,-    (10g)    130,-

Mechová skála

(7g)    100,-    (10g)    120,-

Chrám Kótó

(7g)    75,-    (10g)    90,-

Jarní probuzení

(7g)    190,-    (10g)    220,-

Jeřábí zátoka

(7g)    145,-    (10g)    170,-

Volavčin vzdech

(7g)    100,-    (10g)    120,-

Mlžná hora

(7g)    75,-    (10g)    90,-


Pobřeží jitřního slunce

(7g)    90,-

Podzimní javoří

(7g)    70,-


List ve větru                    




Vodní drak                      

(10g)    55,-

Japanese rice wines – sake